Why You Should Have Your Water Heater Serviced Once A Year

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A water heater is something that people install, then forget about until it stops working properly. The only time we think about it is when our warm water turns cold. While no one can calculate the exact life span of a water heater, a well maintained, high quality water heater can last 9 to 10 years. What if you could extend the life of your water heater by getting it serviced once a year?

Benefits of having your water heater serviced once a year:

1. Increase Efficiency:

If you have heard knocking or banging noises coming from your heater, this is a indication that you need to have your water heater serviced and flushed. Sediment accumulation is very common, and can make your water heater less effective. Sediments, produced by the minerals in the water, settle at the bottom of the water heater, making it hard to generate hot water. Getting your water heater serviced once a year will prevent this. You will get hot water faster and quicker.

2. Lower Electricity Bills:

After your cooling and heating systems, it is your water heater that uses the most energy. Faulty water heaters use more energy to heat water, which will increase your electricity bills. Through yearly maintenance, you can have the highest levels of efficiency, which converts into lower electricity bills.

3. No Costly Breakdowns:

Having your water heater serviced every year, will arrest any mechanical or other issues from developing and causing serious problems in the future. Any corrosion’s, leaks or other issues can be prevented by a yearly maintenance. This will save you a lot of money that you may need to spend on future repairs. It will also allow your system to perform at a 100% efficiency.

4. No Awful Surprises:

No one likes to have a cold shower or have a flood in their house from their damaged water heater. Getting your water heater serviced regularly will prevent these bad surprises.

5. Longer Lifespan:

The better your system is maintained, the longer it will last. That translates into a reduced net cost for you.

6. Hot Water When You Need:

A properly maintained and serviced water heater is one that will meet your daily requirements for hot water. A neglected heater will take longer and longer to produce the required hot water. Your time is wasted.

Water heaters do not have a particular time or season where they are used more. They undergo the same level of stress throughout the year. It does not matter when you schedule your maintenance, as long as it is done every year. Stick to the same time of year and reap the benefits.


Written by: sangee_sks

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