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If you are considering roofing your house, and wondering how long your roof will last, this article is for you. The roof is one of the most important parts in a house. There are various types of roofs in the market today. They all have different lifespans and different costs. You may have to decide on which roof to use, how much it will cost you and its durability. This information below is brought to you by a roofing contractor in Hendersonville, TN. They have been in the roofing industry for many years, and are very knowledgeable about the lifespan of residential and commercial roofs.





Tile roofing is one of the most commonly used forms of roofing. It is of high quality and is durable. Its life span is at least 50 years, and it does not require too much attention and maintenance. This is definitely a roof you should consider.


Slate roofs are of high quality too but more expensive. They are not commonly used. Their life span goes up to 100 years. You only need to install it properly, and it will serve you for a very long time.


This type of roof lasts between 20-30 years. Upon installation, it is important to keep this roof dry at all times. The moisture leads to gradual damage of the wood. Ensure that the roof is clean always. This ensures that no moisture is retained by the leaves and dirt. Keep the underside of the roof well ventilated too, for maximum durability.


Most of the metal roofs last between 20-40 years. Sometimes they last even longer. This is the kind of a roof that does not require a lot of attention. You only require professional installation and you are good to go. Purchasing the high-quality metal roof increases the lifespan of your roof. The metal roofs may have been used early in the day, but “old is gold”!


The asphalt roofs have a lifespan of about 15-20 years. It does not require too much attention too. Let professionals install it for you, and inspect it once in a while. That way you will get its maximum durability.



· Monitor the attic

This ensures you spot any signs of insects and soft spots on the roof for maintenance. Insect infestation on your roof can cause a major damage on the roof if not detected early.

· Cleaning the gutters

Clean the gutters especially after fall. Collect all the leaves and dirt. Ensure that the brackets holding them against the house are in place. This way you increase the lifespan of your roof.

· Roof inspection

It is important to ensure a regular roof inspection by a professional. This is because doing the inspection yourself may not be effective.

· Do not walk on the roof

Roofs are fragile. Walking on them can cause them to come loose or even crack. You do not want to have to reroof your house because of this simple mistake.

· Cut any overhanging tree limbs

Overhanging tree limbs may eventually fall on your roof and cause damage. Cutting them immediately you spot them is important.


The trick to ensuring that your roof lasts long is to purchase a high quality and the most suitable roof. Ensure that it is installed properly by a professional. Clean it, maintain it and keep inspecting it. Inspections by a professional are more effective.

We all want a comfortable home, and a long lasting roof!

How to Remove Roof Shingles

how to place roof shingles

A roofing repair company in Jupiter, FL have given us some insights on how to remove roof shingles. A misconception is that shingles are only the asphalt kind. In fact, they can be made of slate, clay, metal or wood. Your roof is considered a shingle roof if it is not a single piece of material covering the roof.

In any DIY activity, safety is important. This is not just your own personal safety but also that of your surroundings such as the doors, windows, and landscaping. Make use of a roof jack to prevent sliding of debris. In warm weather, asphalt shingles can be damaged simply by walking over them. Check the supports of the roof and stick to those paths. Take note of softer areas where sections could break and cause you to fall.
Using a roof shovel is the fastest way to remove shingles and often the nails as well. Begin with the ridge cap shingles. Continue removal of shingles and the underlayment (waterproofing felt paper) in 2 – 3 foot wide sections. Work downwards with the jack. Move back to the top when beginning the next section. For optimal productivity, keep new shingles at hand.

A major part of removing shingles is the actual clean up. Have someone to assist you by catching any debris thrown down. This will minimize cleaning up later. Begin removal in the area furthest from the debris container. Dump debris regularly. If you cannot place the container close to the building, create a makeshift dumping area by placing a tarp on a flat area as close as possible.

Protect roof flashing and sheathing. Exposed boards can be covered with a tarp temporarily overnight. Water can be applied and an ice barrier can be laid along the edge of the roof covering 36 inches up. Avoid wrinkling. Sections can overlap 6 inches. If a second covering is required, overlap by 4 inches. Cover the rest of the roof with 30-pound asphalt-saturated felt.

Do not damage roof flashing as these can be reused. Rusted, cracked or valley flashing must be replaced. Flashing with a lot of tar have been repaired previously. These will also need to be replaced. Work carefully in these areas. Gently pry up the flashing. Set aside once nails have been removed.

Once you are down to the last 2 or 3 feet, do not pry shingles and underlayment all the way up as they can fall. Rather work loose with your hands.

Inspect the roof for any nails, loose areas that need to be nailed again or underlying damage including cracked or rotting boards.

Check gutters for nails and loose granules. Don’t forget to use a broom magnet over the yard when cleaning up. Small pieces of debris can be missed no matter how carefully you may have worked.

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Different types of roofing materials and prices

roofing costs

When you either think of home remodeling or home constriction, the roofing plays the foremost and most vital role. This is widely known fact that, roofing not just protects and safeguards your house, but also gives it a stylish appearance. With a number of different roofing materials available, the price of all these materials also varies to a great extent. It can be as minimum as a cost of dirt and as high as to touch the sky. Well, keeping the other elements of labour, different seasons and prevailing marketing conditions aside, the cost of roofing materials can make your complete project go up and down. Here is a list some of the best and basic roofing materials which vary moderately and gives you a great budgeted roof shield for home.


Starting from the low-cost roofing materials which are listed into:

· Asphalt Shingle

· Composition Shingle

· Rolled Roofing

To the medium-cost landing roofing, this is:

· Standing steam metal roofing

· Metal Shingle

· Tile

· Rubber

To high-cost roofing, as:

· Slate 

· Copper

· Green Roof

Let’s discuss about each roof and their impact on your house!

1. Asphalt and composite Shingle: This shingle is the most popular and the most common roofing shingle you see these days. The asphalt shingle is made with fiberglass mat, and comprises asphalt and mineral granules on top. This shield is also easy to obtain and replace, but usually doesn’t look very attractive because of its flat exterior.

2. Rolled roofing: This roofing is one of the handiest and most affordable roofing. When you are to have affordable and beautiful home renovation, rolled roofing can be considered as one of the best options. This shingle comes in sheets of 100 square feet and is also best suited when you layer them over the existing roofing, easily.

3. Metal roofing: Long gone are the days when metal roofing was only suited for warehouses. These days, we also see the use of this roofing in the industries, some large mansions and many more. Though this roofing is considered a little expensive, this also attracts you the benefit of a fine resale value. Though it is strongly believed that metal roofing is a great attractor of lighting, but the logic remains pointless. Metal roofing, doesn’t in any way, becomes a reason of lightning strike.

4. Slate Shingles: The well-known slate is a real stone and this looks flawless when roofed to your house. Alongside the slate shingles offer protection and safeguards your house in the best way, taking into consideration, nothing less. It is relatively very easy to cut off the slate shingles into thin layers, which makes it even easier to quarry. The slate shingles are the real slates and they don’t comprise rubber. This is a very smart choice of the present day home owners, since this brings well protected shining to your home. The slate shingles possesses high cleavage abilities, and therefore stands among the superior roofing quality. With its cost varying over installed roofs, slate shingle is a nice formation which gives layered and beautiful exterior protection to the house.

5. Copper roofing: Undoubtedly one of the best premium roofing materials, the copper roofing has been into use since thousands of years back. This roofing shingle has been upgrading in its appearance over the years and comes with so many benefits. It has features which comprise earthquake and wind resistant abilities. The copper shingles does not have any maintenance charges. This shingle is effectively used next to salt water bodies, and still not loses its exterior and resistance features.

6. Green Roof: Are you looking for a well protected and beautiful lawn at the rooftop of your house? Well, this is not impossible anymore. You can do this with a Green Roof shingle. This roofing has features of waterproofing, drainage and roof repellent system, and creates a majestic green roof which makes the outdoor greenery, real and possible into your home. The additional benefit with this roofing is that, you can also grow plants on it. This is a little expensive roofing and makes your house exterior looks green and beautiful.

There are so many ideas of roofing that you can beneficially take up. All of these materials come in different price range and makes you home roofing, sustainable and adequate. Keeping your budget constants in mind, you can choose the roofing you want for your home.


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